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Macro Photography at Home

I am a Plastic Surgeon by training and worked as a consultant Plastic  & Hand Surgeon in the UK. However since retirement I have taken up Photography as a hobby. My main interest has been landscape and bird photography. The techniques for the two are quite different but one gets to adapt to them.

With bird photography capturing a bird in flight in sharp focus is a goal which I have fully achieved as yet. This is one of my better attempts.

With Landscape on the other hand one had more time to get your composition, lighting and focus correct. Of recent I have been working on two aspects of landscape photography namely Long Exposure photography and focus stacking. Long exposure is excellent for land and seascape. It blurs the moving subjects like clouds and running water while keeping the still objects in sharp focus.

Focus stacking on the other hand takes several photos focusing at different distances. The photos are then combined in Photoshop to obtain a single image in sharp focus through out.

With the country being in lock down due to the corona virus I was unable to do either of these aspects of photography. I therefore tried my hand at macro photography sitting in my office using natural light that came through the window. I used to principle of focus stacking and the exposures were long. I used extension tubes since I had no macro lens. I was pleased with the results that I got.

Dandelion seed stack focused

Water droplet on dandelion

Water droplet on dandelion Stack focused.

The opportunity  of Marco photography in and around the house are endless  and I am going to experiment. Also expensive studio equipment is not essential.

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