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Is a Public Sports Stadium Intellectual Property

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I was a consultant Plastic Surgery, till I retired 5 years ago.  Photography was an essential to the specialty especially in aesthetic Plastic surgery. Since retirement  I have taken  up photography as a serious hobby. My photography gradually progressed to shooting in manual mode in camera RAW . Post processing progressed from using  Lightroom & Photoshop elements to Paintshop Pro and Photoshop 2020.

For the last two years I have submitting been submitting some of my photographs for sale through Adobe Stock and others. I have sold a few photos, although the money was not worth the effort. It was satisfying that there are people who wish to buy my photos.

Three weeks ago I submitted this photograph of the Adelaide Oval and the walkway bridge taken on New Years eve. The curator of Adobe Stock did not accept the photograph stating that it  violated Intellectual Property.  I failed to understand this since the building is a much photographed public building.  The event on New Years Eve was not a ticketed event. There were no billboard showing copyrighted symbols.. I queried this with the curator by go no reply.

To test the matter a few days later I submitted another photograph of taken the following day of the river with the Oval in the back ground which was accepted by the curator of Adobe Stock. So if it is not the Oval what was the Intellectual Property that was violated in the first photo? 

If any expert would happen to see this blog I would appreciate and opinion.

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